Picking your herbs fresh is very satisfying. Not only is the flavor much more potent, but it’s gratifying knowing what you have grown tastes better than the store can provide. Enjoy the complete growers guide for herbs.


Herbs, such as Thyme, Oregano, Cilantro and Basil, produce relatively fast, as there is no fruiting or flowering cycle. Best started indoors 4 weeks before transplanting. Once you believe the final frost is over, they are ready for transplanting outside. You can also grow an herb garden all year long in your window sill.

Begin by sowing seeds ½” deep in a well-drained, soil or soilless starting mix. For maximum germination, use a humidity dome to start your seeds, this keeps the moisture and heat consistent during the germination process. You can warm the soil using a heating mat made specifically for germinating seeds. Warmer soils will promote faster germination. Keep soil moist, while awaiting germination. Watering regularly once seedlings break through the soil. Standard germination time is approx. 1 week.

Start with quality seed. Successful germination rates start with high quality seed.

Purchase a heating mat. This will greatly increase germination rates for your seeds.

Your lighting cycle should be on 24 hours of light during germination and seedling stages.

What products are good for my seedlings, clones or early plants? Beneficial Bacteria and Mycorrhizae. Enhances root production and development at all stages of growth, from veg to bloom.


As we discussed above, herbs like thyme, basil and oregano have only one stage of growth. A vegetative stage. The nutrients a basil plant or a thyme plant needs is very simple to maintain as you are only dealing with one stage of growth and one stage of plant nutrients.

Plants that develop heavy foliage/leaves such as basil and oregano, love foliar sprays. Don’t forget to give them a spray weekly with Extreme Blend. We have provided a tested and proven nutrient plan for herbs during the VEG stage:


Use each product weekly during the vegetative stage.

Grow Pack used at 1/2 TSP Per Gal

Cal Mag used at 1/4 TSP Per Gal

Each product needs to be applied as a root drench. Neither product is intended as a foliar spray.


Use each product weekly during the vegetative stage.

Grow Pack used at 1/2 TSP Per Gal
Cal Mag used at 1/4 TSP Per Gal
Extreme Blend used at 1/8 TSP Per Gal as a foliar spray

Cal Mag and Grow Pack need to be applied as a root drench. Neither product is intended as a foliar spray.


Grow Pack:

Grow Pack has all 3 nitrogen forms listed above, also contains highly pure minerals and natural additives that combine the benefits of both organic and conventional nutrients for the Growth/Vegetative stage. Plant growth like you have never seen before. The right nutrients at the right time using only one product.

“I get better yields and this product is much much cheaper. Best switch I have made in my gardening.”

Why do we recommend the Grow Pack for Herbs? You are able to combine all the essential nutrients your herbs need with one simple nutrient application, applied weekly.

What other products are good for the vegetative stage? You can browse all of our grow/veg enhancers.


During the vegetative stage is the best time to foliar spray. A foliar spray is applying nutrients to your leaves and stems by spraying your plant instead of root drenching to apply nutrients.

Foliar sprays are 8-20 times more effective when applying nutrients. You can choose what product you want to foliar spray. Some great foliar spray products are listed below. Our most popular foliar spray is Extreme Blend.