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Growing Urban Farmers and Urban Farm Professionals

Touch the Soil News #1958 (Photo –  Weekly CSA Offering –  Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic, Clagett Farm CSA Week 11,

In the modern world, a lot of focus goes into what can the dollar to for me in terms of investment.  This focus, while understandable, has a certain disconnect from the more basic economic fundamentals as relates to productivity and distribution.  The world has been discovering that even if you have a fat wallet, you are not going to buy something if what you need is on the other side of a supply chain kink.  The other risk, is that a decline in the larger realms of food productivity, can leave supply pipelines with gaps, causing folks to bid up the price (inflation) and leave consumers in a lurch.

This makes the work of Homegrown Business in Toronto, Canada a business model whose time is coming. The Toronto Guardian News brings us the story of Homegrown Business and their work in this important space.  You can visit their Website hear:  You can read the story here:

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