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Guerilla Grafters – Practicing Food Civil Disobedience


Touch the Soil News #249

Guerilla Grafters are going around the streets of San Francisco grafting fruit-bearing branches onto no-fruit bearing ornamental fruit trees. While grafting onto publically owned trees is illegal, the practice has been somewhat tolerated by San Francisco officials.

Guerilla Grafters have a vision of the urban commons as hosting food and fruit that a more caring society takes a hand in. It not only cultivates food awareness, but encourages community members to interact more.

Guerilla Grafters pose with their equipment and tools, hiding the identity of the persons. (photo courtesy of guerilla grafters)


The grafters work in broad daylight in early March. Small knives, special tape, plastic baggies and branch tips the length of fingers wrapped in damp paper towels are what they tote along; but even ladders, buckets of water, loppers, dogs, raucous friends, and observing reporters can be a part of their activities.

Guerilla Grafters maintains a Web site at:  From the site you can download a manual on how to do grafting – a good guide for doing legally as well.

In many ways, Guerilla Grafters is getting a message out of how disconnected we have become with our food and ourselves. Makes a person think. Following is a short video on the Guerilla Grafting movement.

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