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Healthy Roots

Healthy Roots

Healthy RootsRoots are a main source for providing food to any plant. The roots absorb macro nutrients, micro nutrients, bio stimulants, vitamins, organic acids, and natural growth hormones. Through this absorption process, all the necessary elements feed all other plant development, such as stem, leaf, flower, and/ or fruit. You must take care of your roots because they are the start of your plants life cycle and the gateway to reaping a large harvest. If you maximize your root structure early in your plants life cycle, you will reap large rewards later on in harvest.

Micro biology is the key to large root mass and root production. A few ways to assist in creating this micro biology is to provide beneficial bacteria strains, such as Bacillus, found in our Mycorrhizae. The properties associated with this strain are known for root production, root development, and root stimulation.

Another way to assist in creating this micro biology is to introduce bio stimulants into the environment, such as kelp, humic, fulvic, and amino acids. These bio stimulants create a healthy place for the bacteria to grow and develop. The bacteria will break down the vitamins and nutrients in the soil, and assist in making them plant available. Maintaining a healthy environment for this micro biology is essential during the plants entire life cycle.

Start to Finish

Here is what we recommend from start to finish to assist with your plants root development.

An easy way to get your roots what they need is to use our cloning powder through out the entire plants life cycle. We have formulated our cloning powder to specifically provide all key ingredients found to assist in root production and development.

This section is targeting our experienced and advanced growers. Our Mycorrhizae and Inoculant Powder is the most pure and uncut Mycorrhizae found on the market today.Healthy Roots
There are many different ways to use this product. A lot of experienced gardeners use this in brewing biologically active teas. When feeding these types of teas to your soil, it increases the biological activity in your soil. It also feeds the Mycorrhizae and allows the existing bacteria to reproduce at faster rate. All this leads to more production from your plant. Another way gardeners use Mycorrhizae is to sprinkle it in the hole you will use for your transplant. The elements found in water (hydrogen and oxygen) activate the Mycorrhizae to enhance plant growth and assist in reducing stress during any transplant.

Trichoderma is beneficial in environments where clean roots are vital, such as a hydroponic system. Clean roots allow for easier absorption and uptake of nutrients. This bacteria assures your roots stay as healthy and productive as possible in your environment.

Best Practices:
Whether you are using cloning powder or Mycorrhizae, best results will be found when using either of these individually throughout the entire plants life cycle.

Get the best of both worlds using our Mycorrhizae + Trichoderma Powder. This is a ready to use product blended at the appropriate rate between both bacterias.

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