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High Speed Rail – Will It Not Come to America?

Positive Future #70 (Feature photo – Logo of the California High Speed Rail Authority

China currently has 16,000 miles of high speed rail – which accounts for 2/3 of the world’s high speed rail tracks in commercial service. In 2017, the Chinese high speed rail delivered 1.7 billion trips.

The largest high speed rail project in the U.S. is in California, which commenced construction in 2015 for a high speed rail line between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Following is a short video clip of a recent update on construction progress of the rail line. It almost seems doomed to fail. Projections are that under the current timeline, the project will not be completed until 2029.

Will the California High Speed Rail Project be a casualty of a number of ills to include, poor planning, insufficient political will and that the nation just can’t afford it? If so, what does that say about our future?

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