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High Tech Raw Milk

Touch the Soil News #415

The process of homogenizing and pasteurizing milk has always been a controversy for raw-milk proponents. Industrial milk production has always held that raw milk posed too much risk for carrying pathogens.

Over the past few years, high pressure treatment of food has been developed and experimented with. Recently, a company in Sydney, Australia – Made By Cow – has perfected the process. Cold water is used to compress the milk, resulting in milk in which all of the harmful micro-organisms are destroyed without interfering with the nutrients that pasteurization destroys.

Cold pressed raw milk as it comes out of the cold-pressure equipment. (photo courtesy of Made By Cow)

Raw milk is not legal Australia, but the regulatory authorities do not classify the new milk that has undergone cold pressure treatment as raw. This allows the milk to be approved for sale to the public. In the process, the milk goes from the cow – through cold pressurization and into the bottle in 15 minutes. This further reduces the risk of contamination and spoilage.

However, Made By Cow promotes the new milk as “raw” offering an upgrade to the older pasteurized milk.

Made By Cow’s founder Saxon Joye said there are no concerns about the safety of his company’s milk. “Good herd management, hygienic milking techniques, and the cold pressure method have meant we can put 100-percent safe, raw milk onto supermarket shelves,” Joye told the Sydney Morning Herald.

The milk, however, comes with higher costs a 750 mL bottle of the cold pressed raw milk costs about $5.00.

Following is a short video clip on the new high-tech raw milk.

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