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Hog Tremor

Touch the Soil News #1088 (Feature photo – The Sign Warning of African Swine Fever – CCA SA 4.0 International)

Communicable diseases that can be spread from animal to animal or even from humans to animals are frightening. But even more so, when there is no known antidote. African Swine Flu is one of those diseases and it has been erupting around the world. Now it has been found in China and areas are quarantined.

At issue with the disease is that it is one thing when a small farmer has problems. It’s quite something else when large confinement operations – with thousands of animals – gets a problem. Most of the world today has gone beyond small farms and relies materially on pig operations for which the disease can be cataclysmic in terms of destroying supply.

A hog tremor in China can affect the supplies all over the world indirectly. You can read the full story here:

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