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Home Grown Food Summit – Great Deal (Its Free)

Touch the Soil News #713 (photo courtesy of Home Grown Food Summit)

Here is an interesting event for folks who grow their own food and medicine and for those who want to get into it. It is a free information summit that brings together 38 of the nation’s top gardeners and authors who will be making individual presentations from June 12, through June 19.

All you have to do is register on the Home Grown Food Summit’s Website to get free access to all of the presentations at:

Folks who register will also receive some freebies to include:

1) Grow Half Your Own Food video ($14.95 value) which is an instructional that shows you how to do it in less than an hour a day.

2) Victory Garden historical video ($14.95 value).

3) The Ancient Art of Raw Vinegars, an ebook ($19.95 value).


Some of the presenters include Joel Salatin, Sally Fallon, Mike Adams, Dr. Eric Z, DaNelle Wolford, Justin Rhodes, John Kohler, Dr. Patrick Jones, Jason Matyas and many more.

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