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How can I tell if I’ve over-watered my plants?

Overwatered leaves

When you are a beginning gardener, there are few things more frustrating than watering, feeding, and loving your plants and still not seeing results. There are several reasons for this, from soil ph not being in balance, to under-watering or under-feeding your plants. But by far the most infuriating is over-watering.

When you do this, you wash away all the nutrients in your soil, your plants starve, and you can even cause root-rot. Who knew?! Here are a few signs your plants may be over-watered, and most importantly, some recommendations to help you cure them.

Your plant is wilting:
This seems obvious, yes, but you need to check the soil to see if it is too wet or too dry.


Yellow leaves:
This will start from the bottom up. The leaves will begin to look yellow and sickly.


If your plant has mold on the leaves, or the soil around the plant, you’ve over-watered.


Stem is mushy and/or soft:
If the stem on your plant is limp or soft, it’s over-watered.


Cracked or tasteless tomato:
Your tomatoes will crack if they have been over-watered.
Tomatoes also will lose much of their flavor.

cracked tomato

The best way to keep your plants happy and healthy is to feel the soil. Only water when you have to push your finger down about half an inch into the soil to feel moisture (about to your first knuckle).

So what can you do if you have over-watered your plants?

Well, first of all – stop it! You need to let your plant dry out a bit, and it’s best if you can do it in some sunlight (if you have potted plants, just move them into the sun). If you are in a garden situation, just don’t water for a few days.

Second – remove any dead leaves or rotting portions of the stem.

Third – get some beneficial soil fungi – we highly recommend our Mycorrhizae. They help your plant fight off disease, and will also help your plant to be able to glean more nutrients from the soil.



Then, we need to add some nutrients back into our soil. Depending on what you are growing, you may want to wait until you see some new growth to fertilize. When you begin fertilizing, we recommend our Grow Pack (Grow Pack also includes Mycorrhizae and Kelp, so this is perfect if you have over-watered) starting at only $14.95 for 8 ounces.

Grow Pack


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