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How Far Off Track Is Food and Agriculture?

Touch the Soil News #519

While politicians fret or ignore the food issues within their own nations, the FAO does the same, but for the whole world. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations is charged with making some kind of sense of global food security.

The FAO, in order to communicate its concerns for folks being able to eat, recently published “The State of Food and Agriculture – 2016.”

Given the pressures of population and climate change, the FAO – in the report – arrives at a simple conclusion: A GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION TO SUSTAINABLE FOOD AND AGRICULTURE MUST BEGIN NOW. Given that 1/3 of the world’s land surface has been conscripted to producing food – volatilities in precipitation and temperature change suggests human must commence positive change today.

The report reveals that one-fifth of greenhouse gas emissions are generated by agriculture, forestry and land-use change (urbanization). Seems that paving farmland for cities, slashing and burning rainforests to add more agricultural land and mono-cropping all must evolve to something more sustainable.

While we do not mean it as a sarcasm, sounds like what the FAO is saying is the human race needs to have its head examined.

Our take on the FAO report is that it fails to discuss the financial mechanisms and economic models that brought the world to this point in the first place. The financial mechanisms – around which all economic activity is organized – are the primary contributors to the science and competition that brought about climate change and a food chain that must change in the first place . Does this mean the solution will come from a system predicated on cooperation instead of competition?

Following is a short video clip on the recent FAO Food and Agriculture report 2016:

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