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How to Brew Compost Tea


Many have heard of the benefits of Compost Tea. You know it works, but why and how? We want to shed some light on this subject and explain a few key elements to brewing a good Compost Tea.

The largest factor in the quality of your Compost Tea is, of course, your Compost. Where did it come from? How was processed? Great Compost should smell sweet, earthy and rich. Compost is a great tool if used properly(although it’s pretty hard to mess it up). Compost is full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and when mixed with aerated water, active biology.

Compost Tea Starter

Compost Tea Starter

This Compost Tea Starter has added Mycorrhizae, Kelp, Humic Acids, Amino Acids and Fulvic Acids. A great combination of organic acids and beneficial bacteria.  The concept is to soak the compost in water. For best results, you should provide aeration, allowing the microorganisms to thrive and grow. Creating the environment for this bacteria to develop will make for easy processing of the “locked-up” nutrients.

Nutrients are there in your soil, the plant simply can’t gain access them. The microorganisms in the Compost Tea will break down all the nutrients and allow the plant to now gain access.

Water Prep

When preparing your water, if you are using tap water, let it sit in the sun for 24-36 hours. This will help de-chlorinate the water. Adding aeration to a 5-gallon bucket of water will drop your wait time from 24-36 hours to 12-18 hours. I let my water bubble away empty for 1-2 days before using it. Continually cycling air into the water will help establish a proper environment for the micro-biology to grow.

Super Soaker

Grab a small burlap sack, sand bag, old sock, or my personal favorite, panty hose. Fill up the sack with your Compost or our Compost Tea Starter. If you have earth worm castings they are another great addition to this micro biology we are trying to create. When your sack is full, find a way to seal it (we just tie the top of the sack, but however you like to seal it is fine).

Toss in the Compost “sock”. You can suspend the Compost to allow for better aeration, which in turn creates that ideal environment for these microorganisms to flourish.

Good Things Take Time

Average brew time can vary based on personal preference, but we like to brew for a minimum of 24 hours. Take 48-72 hours and you will see and taste the difference in your fruit or flowers. Foaming is normal, especially if you are adding some Kelp4less nutrients. Let this brew bubble away! Now: application rates.


Time to Apply

Compost makes a great product to feed your plants as it is so flexible in its’ application. You are able to root drench your plants, foliar spray to the leaves (just make sure filter or screen the solution before spraying), or dilute it down with water and feed many, many plants in your garden or flower bed. 5 Gallons of this Compost Tea can be diluted to make 25 Gallons of ready-to-use feeding water.

Feed with this brew once a week and water with regular water between feedings. This is great for Flowers, Vegetable Plants, Trees, Shrubs and even back into your Compost Pile to complete the natural cycle.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks that will make all the difference in your Compost Tea Brews.

  • Start with Warm Water – This makes a huge difference in the end result(active biology). Do you think the small microorganisms want to live in cold water?
  • Inoculate your Compost Tea with Mycorrhizae to stimulate micro-biological growth. A.K.A – growing your nutrient break down army.
  • Don’t add Molasses until the end of the brew. Only allow your Molasses to brew for 30 min – 1 hour. You can promote bad pathogens due to the high sugar content of Molasses if you are not careful.
  • Do not waste this. All the sludge on the side of your bucket, or bottle, all the remaining sludge left over, this still makes great fertilizer. Just Add Water and apply it again.

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  1. How can this work in aeroponics. i use compost tea and love it, just have questions

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