Indoor Farm Tech Progress Is Amazing

Touch the Soil News #747 (The two rooftop greenhouses of Lufa Farms – photos courtesy of Lufa Farms)

The cost of farming indoors is no small endeavor – cost of facilities, power costs, vertical frameworks, lighting and technology, harvesting, packing and marketing.

Undaunted by the challenges, there is hardly a day that goes by that a story doesn’t come across our desks about young people with degrees in engineering, computer technology, sales and finance that want to get into the food business – Lufa Farms is one of those examples and illustrates how far indoor tech farming has come.

Organized in 2011, Lufa Farms is pushing the envelope of innovation. They don’t harvest anything until it is sold, the capture rainwater and recirculate 100 percent of their irrigations water, they compost green waste and use biological controls instead of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Lufa Farms, tests the nutrient levels in its irrigation waters and measures what the plants have taken out – thus allowing them to specifically add nutrients as needed (the video below illustrates).

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