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Insects as Animal Feed – Interesting

Touch the Soil News #618 (feature photo – black soldier fly CC SA 3.))

Enterra, a company from Canada, has uncovered a rather novel way to utilize pre-consumer food waste. That’s food waste from food processors and grocery stores.

The process is basically this:

  • A hatchery for black soldier flies is set up. The black soldier fly does not eat, sting or bite. All it does as an adult is mate and reproduce. The females lay eggs that hatch into larvae which naturally feed on decaying organic matter.
  • The company has a large receiving station for food waste that is ground up like a salsa.
  • The eggs from the black soldier fly are put in a rearing facility.
  • As the eggs hatch into larvae, the larvae eat the ground up food waste.
  • Once the larvae are grown, they are separated from their waste.
  • The waste is sold as fertilizer.
  • The larvae are washed and baked turning them into a dry product that can be used as fish feed, chicken feed and pet food.

Black soldier fly larvae are voracious eaters and can eat tons of food waste in a very short time. The larvae are harvested just before they morph into a fly (photo courtesy of Dennis Kress).

Enterra recently made the news as their “larvae feed” has been approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Service as feed for animals. This is a historic first for North America. On the heels of the regulatory approval, Enterra has also received $5 million in venture capital to move the technology and practice into commercial use.

For more information you can visit their Webtsite:

Following is an insightful video of their operations:

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