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Insects – Saving the Fish & Farmland

Touch the Soil News #729 (feature photo, soldier fly – GNU Free Doc License 1.2)

It is hard to imagine that 1/3 of all fish caught from the world’s oceans go into animal feed including food for farmed fish. With so much pressure on the world’s fisheries – causing fisheries to collapse – a solution was needed.

Over the past few years a Dutch biotech startup – Protix – began researching the economic viability of feeding low grade organic waste to insects. The insects in their larvae form provide an excellent source of protein for animal feed. A popular insect is the soldier fly.

Kees Aarts, co-founder of Protix explains that if all the food waste in the world were fed to insects and the insects back to fish, chickens and other animals, it could save almost 12 percent of the global farmlands for future generations.

As we mentioned in the previous News piece #728, it a business model can show the ability to generate more cash in than cash out, there is an unlimited supply of money ready to go to work. Recently Protix received funding to the tune of $50,000,000 to develop and scale up the insect protein business model they have created.

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