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Investors Apply Pressure on Big Polluting Corporations

Touch the Soil News #887 (Feature photo – Frank John Aleksandrowicz)

A global collaboration of investment organizations have organized around the banner “The Climate Action 100”.

They publish a list of the 100 largest greenhouse gas emitting companies in an effort to get big corporations to clean up their “polluting” acts. The investors have agreed to put pressure on these large corporations to strengthen corporate responsibility agendas.

Chances are pretty high that these investors have either lent money to or own stock in virtually all of the world’s largest corporations. Together, the 225 investment organizations that make up The Climate Action 100, manage a whopping $26.3 trillion in assets.

Including on the list of the top 100 greenhouse gas emitting companies are food and agricultural enterprises Nestle Foods, Bayer AG, BASF SE and Proctor & Gamble. Also included on the list are most of the world’s oil companies and major car manufacturers.

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