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Is America Missing Out on the Ultimate Reality Shows?

Touch the Soil News #352

When was the last time you watched a television series designed solely to teach you urban food growing methods and how to eat better – the ultimate reality show.

Believe it or not, there is a global growing awareness of how industrial nations have deteriorated in their nutrition and food. So low and so prevalent is the deterioration, that emerging nations in terms of economics and industry are leapfrogging over the industrial food model. They are moving directly to local and grow your own models.

The following video clip is about an upcoming grow-your-own-food reality program in the Southern African continent. The program will entail a 13-part TV series. Each episode will be 25 minutes in length. The program will be offered free to State broadcasters within the SADC region. The SADC is the Southern African Development community which is made up of 15 member countries with a combined population of 300 million (roughly the size of the U.S. population). Producers estimate viewership will reach into the multiple millions.

Does this African effort have application for first-world nations?

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