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Is it Time to Switch – I Mean Swytch

Positive Future #1 (Feature photo – courtesy of Swytch)

The number of positive things going on in the world are numerous – its just too bad that they rarely hit the mainstream media. While electric bikes have become increasingly popular, they are costly. A nice electric bike can be $2,500 plus.

New on the scene is an upstart called Swytch that promises an affordable conversion kit for your existing bike. While it is in the prototype stage, Indiegogo is touting that early adopters (supporters) can get a conversion kit for $299 (as opposed to $650).–5?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlLmXsOfD1wIVBbXACh39nwlOEAAYASAAEgI4T_D_BwE#/

New transportation technologies are on the rise:

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