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Is Sugar Going to Go Sour?

Touch the Soil News #516

With the effects of sugar in health news increasing, we were interested in a recent report by Authority Nutrition. The gist of the report was all the names that sugar has which can be used in labeling to confuse the consumer how much sugar is in a product. There were so many names that it was overwhelming.

Following is a list of sugars that can be in most every processed food product:

A large loader loads processed sugar in a warehouse. Sugar is one of the crops subsidized by the U.S. Government – making an addictive additive cheap.

Following is a list of sugars that can be in most every processed food product. At issue, is that it becomes difficult to tally all the different forms to get a summary of total sugar in a product:

  1. Barley malt
  2. Beet sugar
  3. Brown sugar
  4. Buttered sugar
  5. Cane juice crystals
  6. Cane sugar
  7. Caster sugar
  8. Coconut sugar
  9. Corn sweetener
  10. Crystalline fructose
  11. Date sugar
  12. Dextran, malt powder
  13. Ethyl maltol
  14. Fruit juice concentrate
  15. Golden sugar
  16. Invert sugar
  17. Maltodextrin
  18. Maltose
  19. Molasses
  20. Muscovado sugar
  21. Panela
  22. Palm sugar
  23. Organic raw sugar
  24. Rapadura sugar
  25. Evaporated cane juice
  26. Confectioner’s (powdered) sugar
  27. Agave nectar
  28. Carob syrup
  29. Golden syrup
  30. High-fructose corn syrup
  31. Honey
  32. Malt syrup
  33. Maple syrup
  34. Oat syrup
  35. Rice bran syrup
  36. Rice syrup

Following is an informative short documentary on sugar in processed foods that is enlightening:

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