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Is the Economy Suggesting Container Gardening? – Yes!

Touch the Soil News #589 (feature photo – Carlos Delgado CC-BY-SA)

We are doing a News piece here that also includes an endorsement for Kelp4Less products. But before we go there, there have been a number of mega-trends that we noticed in 2016. Trends that suggest the economy may have improved for some, but the economics of the larger portion of the American citizenry is going sideways or retreating. Most everyone out there is having “economic” jitters. If not for themselves, then for friends or someone in their extended family. Growing food is becoming a necessity much like it was for the Americans of 80 years ago.


Trend #1

The Bureau of Labor statistics reports that, on average, the nation added about 180,000 jobs per month for 2016. While this may seem like a lot, this number actually represents a retraction in the number of jobs. Let me explain. On average, every month there are 200,000 people coming of age to be seeking a job. That’s 20,000 more jobs needed than the 180,000 new jobs every month that the Bureau of labor statistics reports. Check out the nation’s population growth with the Census Bureau to verify this.


Trend #2

Many people have made huge investments into education, work ethic and job skills. However, for a variety of reasons, Wall Street companies are increasingly callous to those individual investments. During 2016, mergers and acquisitions have reached frenzy levels. The reason for a merger or acquisition is to find duplications between the merging enterprises (synergies) that can be eliminated. Getting rid of duplications means you can harvest extra cash by eliminating jobs. In addition, many companies are using company cash to buy back their own stock – leaving more money for dividends for the remaining stockholders. The consequences – from draining a company of its cash – are often taken out on the employees to do more with less.


Trend #3

Financial Investors are getting anxious for an increase in their returns on investment. Today, there are $100 trillion dollars of investments seeking to feed off a $19 trillion annual economy. Most of these investments are in bonds that are interest rate sensitive. The Federal Reserve Bank is making notions to continue interest rate increases in 2017, the biggest effect of which will be to further increase the costs of debt for most Americans. Most Americans do not contribute to inflation, but receive the brunt of the punishment that is unleashed on the economy in the form of increased costs of debt. The thing to understand here is that most Americans have more debt than savings. This makes interest rate increases more punishing to them.


Entry into container gardening, to mitigate broader economic trends, may seem insignificant at first. However, families and extended families have never had a more pressing need to start learning how to grow food. Growing food or even market gardening is an exploding trend for space constrained folks living in mega-cities.

Every day, there are dozens of stories from cities and nations around the globe about folks getting a grip on raising food and the related skills. Do they know something we don’t?

Container food gardening is a new beginning that has not only economic aspects, but important skills, health benefits and a general feeling of well-being. Knowing how to grow food means there is further potential to expand operations for a piece of the $1.5 trillion dollars Americans spend on food each year.


The Endorsement for Kelp4Less

No other company has the diversity of products to underpin an effort at container gardening. The key is the soils and the nutrients that make soils and plants successful. Equally important is that you can pick up the phone and get advice on your start and journey into food growing.

Following is the Kelp4Less link to their container grow kits:

The Kelp4Less grow kits include the container, the soil, the nutrients and the seeds. The soil that comes with the kits is more than soil. It is loaded with over a dozen key soil and plant nutrients sourced from Kelp4Less’ diverse portfolio of gardening inputs.

For the more adventuresome, get a hose mixer that mixes soluble product from a 5-gallon container in the right proportions so you can water and feed the plants at the same time through your hose. Following is the Kelp4Less link:

This “Brass Siphon Mixer.” makes watering and nutrient application easy – a real time saver and money maker for market gardeners.

If you are not in a position to start container gardening now, find someone in your extended family to get started and start creating value for your family heritage. Following is a video clip on container gardening. The sage advice it gives is incorporated into the container kits that Kelp4Less offers:

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