Is the Growing Population on a Collision Course With the Availability of Farmland and Water?

Touch the Soil News #1198 (Feature photo – Farmland – Public Domain)

Should civilization strive to balance the size of the population via education and good stewardship with Earth’s finite resources?

While the ethical, moral and religious debates can go on forever, there is one sector in our modern civilization that is certain that a collision of some sort is coming – the investment community. With more money out there then there are sustainable investments, money is looking for a new frontier. That frontier is farmland and water. The game is over how crops grown on limited resources (farmland and water) will become ever more valuable – making people ever more vulnerable to rising prices and less than abundant food.

You can read the full story here about how one investor explains how farmland is now the next big market – with a market potential today of $9 trillion.

How much higher will this market potential be pushed as a result of 75 million more people each year? Will it go from $9 trillion to $15 trillion over the next few years? Investments don’t ask if it is right or wrong – they just know that they want to own what people will be increasingly in need of.

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