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Is the Investment World Getting Beached?

Positive Future #478 (Feature photo – New York Stock Exchange – Public Domain)

In business news, Walmart and Amazon are squaring off as competitors. Walmart is gearing up it’s fulfillment warehouses for internet orders and Amazon is getting concerned.

Four of the largest institutional investors in Walmart are also four of the largest institutional investors in Amazon. Investment management companies Vanguard, Blackrock, State Street and Fidelity have a combined stake in Walmart of approximately $31.5 billion as of June 1st. These same investment management companies also have a combined stake in Amazon of approximately $159.4 billion.

Will gains made by Walmart into Amazon’s turf end up causing greater losses for the same investors holding Amazon stock? If gains made by the companies your invested in cancel each other out, what’s the future?

Does the world have more investment dollars than suitable investment opportunities?

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