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Is the Time Coming to Think Big?

Touch the Soil News # 129

We’ve all seen news of drought stricken third world countries. Heck, over 2 billion people today lack access to sufficient water for even personal and drinking water needs.

In the U.S., pumping technology has afforded present generations the opportunity to side-step severe water shortages, for now. Hidden below the surface pumps are underground water aquifers that are dropping faster than they are recharging. California is in a fight for its life, The combination of drought and over-pumping have brought water austerity to one of the most economically developed regions in the world. And California is not alone.

Ogallala Aquifer located in the central part of the nation

This week, the Ag Journal, the nation’s largest farm magazine, reported on the dangerous dropping levels of the Ogallala aquifer – the largest in North America. The Ogallala Aquifer is the water spigot for a large portion of America’s breadbasket farms in 7 states. Pumping technology has allowed withdrawals that lower the aquifer level by almost two feet a year in some places. Unfortunately, natural recharge replenishes the aquifer only about one inch a year. Below is a short video by the National Science Foundation on the Ogallala Aquifer.

While there are technical limitations to desalination, the human imagination that creates the technology is not limited.  Presently the leading states in desalination are California, Texas and Florida. With rising oceans, even bringing desalinated water into the interior of the nation is not out of the question. Much of the financial turmoil around the world is bringing new minds to the financial arena. New minds focusing on solutions beyond the paradigm of limiting checkbooks and economics totally predicated upon debt acrobatics.

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