Is Your City, County or State on the List?

Positive Future #286 (Feature photo – Renewable Energy – CCA 2.0)

In past times, most big decisions and agendas for change came from the federal level. That is now splintering as states, counties and cities take up their own agendas on things like food, banning gas cars and in a larger vision – committing to source 100% of energy needs from renewable sources.

The Sierra Club is keeping tabs on the activity. So far there are 87 cities, 9 counties and 2 states that have committed to sourcing all of their energy use from renewables with time frames.

Some of the larger players that can materially move market share from coal and natural gas include:

Denver, Colorado

Atlanta, Georgia

Cleveland, Ohio

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Orlando, Florida

Portland, Oregon

Salt Lake City, Utah

San Diego, California

San Francisco, California

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Paul, Minnesota

The State of California

The State of Hawaii


You can see if your city is on the list here:

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