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Kelp4Less Product News – Humic Acid


Touch the Soil News # 175

Long before recorded history, soil amendments made from organic matter – such as humic acids – have been known by farmers to be beneficial to plant growth. A few years back, a 2006 study conducted at Ohio State University said in part that: “Humic acids” increased plant growth and that there were relatively large responses at low application rates. (1)

Humic acid is a principal component of humic substances which are the major organic constituents of soil and peat. Humic is produced by biodegradation of dead organic matter. It is not a single acid, rather a complex mixture of different acids.

Humic acids are natural chelaters, a process which helps other nutrients become available to your plants. Humic acids bind up with calcium molecules causing the release of phosphate molecules to the plant. Humic acid applications are popular and beneficial in all stages of growth, particularly when applied in liquid forms.


Humic Acids Are Known To:

Activate soils

Make nutrients available to plants

Stimulate plant vigor and root mass

Increase beneficial organisms to promote humus in the soil

Act as an organic catalyst to enhance other fertilizes’ effectiveness.

Help reduce the uptake of metals by plants in contaminated soils

Aid in a plant’s ability to manage heat, drought, cold, disease, insects and other stresses

Aid in plant yields

Aid in stem strength

Serve as a water treatment for hydroponics


Following are comments from reviews Kelp4Less has received from customers who use humic acids:

  1. “I just started using humic acid and see a difference in perkiness and hardiness already.”
  2. “Humic acid may be a secret golden egg for hydroponic growers. I was having an algae issue that was surely going to end up as root rot, so I purchased the humic. Within 3 days the algae was gone and my roots thickened and I haven’t looked back.”
  3. “This stuff is what beginner growers “aha” about when they learn organic gardening!! The Shine and gloss and look of the plant after a dose of this will make you a believer!”


See the Kelp4Less video on humic acids below.

(1) Arancon, Norman Q.; Edwards, Clive. A.; Lee, Stephen; Byrne, Robert (2006). “Effects of humic acids from vermicomposts on plant growth” (PDF). European Journal of Soil Biology 42: S65. doi:10.1016/j.ejsobi.2006.06.004.

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