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Kelpification at it’s finest . . . continuation of the benefits of Kelp

Still not sure if Kelp really works? Well . . . there are some real benefits to Kelpification.


Heh. Sorry. Couldn’t help it. Anyway. . . . So we have proof! Not just a fancy word! We had a pretty good windstorm here last night, and we got home to find our poor peppers looking like this . . .

Pepper before  Pepper before 2

That poor plant was just about ready to die. We do have some pretty awful wind here. But then, we decided to help it out and add some kelp. We did, and when we woke up . . . Kelpification!!!

Pepper after

This guy was so happy! His leaves were perky again, and we are so glad! Just to remind all of you, Kelp has some crazy benefits – over 60 different nutrients for your plants, it’s organic, and look at the results! So trust us, it really works! All we did was add kelp, and literally overnight we saw this difference. You can order your own kelp here.

Kelp Kelp and Humic Blend

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  1. Kelp is very effective, for any plant. Highly recommended!

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