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Know your pH – Now with pH Powders

pH Powders

The pH value is very important in determining whether or not a substance is acidic, alkaline, or neutral. This will determine if the plant can gain access to the nutrients. The pH of a substance is measured on a number scale of 1 through 14. When your pH is higher than 7.0, it is considered to be basic, also called alkaline or base. When your pH is less than 7.0, it is known as acidic, also called acid.

Your pH level can be very important when growing plants. When a plant’s soil or nutrient solution becomes too basic, the nutrients become unavailable to be absorbed by the roots. A lot of growers think that if they add more nutrients or fertilizers, this will help. What it actually will do is compound the problem by usually causing toxic salt build-up. Toxic salt build up will stop the roots from absorbing water. You will want to check your pH levels before adding more nutrients and fertilizers.

Steps for pH:

Add your nutrients and fertilizers that you normally use before adjusting the pH.

Check the pH level using your method of pH testing.

If your pH level is too low, add a teaspoon of pH UP.

If your pH level is too high, add a teaspoon of pH DOWN.

Test your pH levels again using your test kit. Repeat if necessary until you reach your desired pH.


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pH Powders

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