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Lazy Man’s Compost

Compost Tea Starter

For some people it may be hard to keep a compost going. Following a few the 5 easy steps from Kelp4less, we will show you how to make it fun and easy to keep a compost box and provide a ready to use fertilizer instead of trashing it in a landfill. In our climate this is the easiest composting process. We call it the “Lazy Man’s Compost”.


Step 1:
Decide where it belongs. Keep it in a low traffic area. Away from your house, on the corner of your lot or garden area works great.

Step 2:
Dig into the dirt a and break up the soil to allow for easier breakdown of the waste you will add later. Add card board (small pieces), leaves, grass, banana peels, food scraps, egg shells, egg cartons (remember cardboard). Make sure not to put any meat products. This will attract pests and rodents. We will try to fix this problem in step 4…

Add any soil amendments such as Kelp, Humic, Kelp Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Oyster Shell Flour, Bat Guano or Amino Acids. Now is a great time to give food and nutrients to the biology that is doing all your dirty work. Feed them well and they will always treat you right!!

Step 4:
Stake out the area. Set up chicken wire, plastic fencing, or anything to keep the pests away/out of your compost.

Step 5:
Keep adding all the ingredient above and make sure to stir at least 1-2 times a week for best compost breakdown.


Worms are great and do most of the work for you. Seeing this is an excellent find.


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