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Ludicrous Performance – To Change the World?

Positive Future #2 (Feature photo – CCA 2.0 Generic)

The transportation industry (yesterday) got a glimpse of the future. Thanks to Tesla Inc. In an historic unveiling, Tesla introduced their new fully electric Semi-Truck and their new fully electric Roadster.

Specs on the Semi-Truck:

  1. Zero to 60 in 5 seconds. It is 20 seconds when pulling a trailer at max 80,000 lbs.
  2. The fully loaded semi can do 60 mph up a 5 percent grade (regular semis can only do 45 mph).
  3. Range of 500 miles on a full charge at maximum weight at highway speeds.


Specs on the Roadster:

  1. Zero to 60 in 1.9 seconds (fastest production car in the world).
  2. 200 KWH battery pack providing a range of 620 miles per charge.
  3. Has three powerful electric motors for all wheel drive.


While Tesla is showcasing this technology to sizzle the senses, one can hardly underestimate the impact to the world of transport as this technology continues to climb upwards. It will totally change food and agriculture in time as it percolates onto farms and into food delivery.


The release video by Tesla follows:

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