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Malaysia – Growing Food versus Money to Buy Food

Positive Future #888 (Feature photo – Growing Food in Malaysia – GNU Free Doc License)

Malaysia is divided into an area of land south of Thailand, and an area of land North of Indonesia. Despite being dissected by the South China Seas, this nation of 33 million people is facing a challenge, that faces all nations rich or poor.

The challenge is whether or not it is possible to provide the purchasing power to all its citizens or help its citizens, at a much lower cost, grow part of their food. Ironically, helping folks grow food, hint of a concept most Americans embrace – all should participate in their upkeep. In the U.S. for the millions of people for which food availability is out of reach, there are subsidy payments and food banks.

In a recent article in the Malaysian news called The Sun Daily, comes news of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries and their initiative to implement urban farming in 1,430 locations around their nation. In addition to increasing the availability of food, the goal is to reduce the cost of food and lower the price of food. You can read the full story here:

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