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Mass Production of Plant-Protein Burger Commences

Touch the Soil News #800 (Feature photo – a sample of the “Impossible” burger – CC SA 4.0 Public Domain)

Back in 2011, Stanford University Biochemistry professor Pat Brown founded Impossible Foods – a company that manufactures plant-based burgers. The meat is primarily made from wheat and potato protein and flavored with coconut fat and a synthetic hemoglobin molecule (gives blood color and taste) produced by genetically modified yeast cells.

Impossible Foods has raised over $257 million from a broad group of investors including billionaire Bill Gates. These monies have helped fund a new plant that is projected to be able to produce enough of the Impossible (plant-based) burgers to supply some 1,000 restaurants.

The new facility is a renovated 68,000 square foot factory in East Oakland that was last occupied by Just Desserts.

Critics of the artificial hemoglobin from genetically modified yeast cells protest that it is a GMO product.

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