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Mercedes Electric Buses

Positive Future #14 (Feature photo – Older Version of the EVOBus – CCA SA 3.0 Unported)

While the new Mercedes electric bus is working to reach commercialization by mid-2018, there is a much larger issue at stake. Some of the world’s top economists from Oxford University have come forward with a rather simple, but compelling warning. Without a healthy natural world, there is no basis for an economy. The economists explain that much of the value that economies create is built upon a natural foundation — the air, water, food, energy and raw materials that the planet provides.

While there are now several major electric bus manufacturers (BYD from China and Proterra from the U.S.), the speed of transition necessary to reduce stress to the natural world can hardly be accelerated fast enough.

The newest entry to the electric bus world is Mercedes with its electrified EVOBus. Public transport authorities of one of the largest metropolitan areas in Germany – Rhein Neckar area (2.5 million people) – have pre-ordered some of the buses for 2018 delivery. The world has reached a level of consumption that everything impacts everything else. Sustainable buses today mean sustainable food in the future as well.

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