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Most of the Tuna Labeled Tuna in the U.S. Not Tuna?

Touch the Soil News #753 (feature photo – hundreds of cans of tuna in a grocery store – photo courtesy of Daniel Case CC SA 3.0)

For the average food consumer, there is little that can be done about food fraud today. In the United States, the most common fraudulent foods include honey, olive oil, milk, saffron, coffee and fish. At the heart of the problem is that consumers may unwittingly buy a product that contains other ingredients.

The non-profit group called Oceana took 1,215 samples of fish from across that United States and genetically tested them. What they found was that 59 percent of fish labeled tuna sold at restaurants and grocery stores in the U.S. was not tuna. Sushi restaurants were far more likely to mislabel their fish than grocery stores or other restaurants.

All of this food fraud is giving birth to a new industry – the food authenticity business. Today it is a global $5 billion dollar business.

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