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My Kelp-Shake brings all the boys to the yard . . .


Not really. Hah! But Kelp is pretty freakin’ awesome. Kelp is actually a form of seaweed, and there are almost 130 different forms. It’s got over 70 different vitamins and minerals, and the nice thing is, Kelp is very easy on your plants.


There are some fertilizers which if you mix too strongly will “burn” your plants (they die). This is not a risk with Kelp. Kelp can be used as a foliar spray or mixed in with your soil, depending on which one you purchase (Soluble Kelp for foliar spray, Kelp Meal for soil mixture). We prefer the foliar spray method as opposed to a soil application, simply because your plants will absorb the nutrients better.

Kelp has a potash content (around 15%), as well as a decent nitrogen content (somewhere in the neighborhood of 2-3%). You do still need to add phosphorus, though. A great recommendation would be to add our Soluble Kelp to your existing plants and then additionally our 5-20-5 blend. Apply the 5-20-5 twice a week during the growing season.

Our Kelp Meal includes calcium, magnesium, sulfur, cobalt, iron, and so many other nutrients in addition to the potash and the nitrogen. Kelp is just so incredibly beneficial for your plants, you can use it as a supplement to just about any fertilizer program you are currently using.

Soluble Kelp


Applying the Soluble Kelp is a little different than some of our other products. You apply it at specific stages to see specific results. So in order to promote the number of fruits or buds, you want to apply just when the plant is starting to produce them.

To extend the shelf life of fruits and veggies, you would spray 10 days before harvest. With cut flowers, spray a few days before you cut them and it will extend their life as well.

If you don’t want to worry about catching a specific stage, you totally don’t have to. You can just spray between 4-7 days apart. Spray in the morning for the best absorption.

Kelp Meal

Kelp Meal

If you want to use a soil application instead of a foliar spray, you simply mix 4 dry ounces of our Soluble Kelp in a gallon of water, and apply around the stem of the plant. You can also use our Soluble Kelp to help you with transplanting. Just add your cuttings into a kelp solution until they start to sprout roots, then plant it!

Our Kelp Meal is a little simpler application: add it to the surface or mix into your soil at any time. 🙂

Soluble Kelp Kelp Meal 5-20-5

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