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National Heirloom Exposition – Ventura County Fairgrounds in California

Touch the Soil News #1984 (Photo – Jeff and Sandy Bragg – (photo courtesy of Jeff and Sandy Bragg)

The National Heirloom Exposition is an event of a lifetime, if you can get there.  Filling up the fairgrounds in Ventura County, California, the pavilions are packed with things for professional growers and the family and home gardeners.  The exposition also has a slate of speakers and presenters with international credentials.  One of the top presenters will be Jeff and Sandy Bragg, internationally recognized experts on potato varieties that are truly Superfoods.  The Braggs are also on the cusp of transformational ways to grow at home and for profit.

You can learn more about the exposition here:

You can learn more about the Braggs at their website here:

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