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Negative Effects of GMO Products

GMO Foods

Genetically modified organisms also known as (GMO’s) can be found in as many as 60-70% of the foods in the US.


This relatively new science allows DNA from one species to be injected into another species in a lab, creating combination’s of plant, animal, bacteria, and viral genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods. The use of genetically modified organisms in foods was recently banned in Europe, but the US isn’t to that point yet due to the highly political nature of what is keeping GMO’s on the market and in our food.

Results of using/eating GMO Food:

  • Food Allergy Symptoms Increase Dramatically
  • Bodily Toxicity Increases
  • Negative Reproductive Effects
  • Negative Effects To Digestive System
  • Unknown Genetic Effects On Humans
  • and most severe – Death


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