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Old New MacDonald Had a Farm – eee iii eee iii ooo


What is a farm and what is food? I remember my shock when learning about Roundup Ready GMO corn. The corn has been tampered with to create toxins. When the corn borer eats the corn, it kills the pest. Since when does a plant – whose role is to be a pesticide – become food? Most sweeteners, especially in soft drinks, come from corn sweeteners sourced from GMO Roundup Ready corn.


In my previous life, as a consultant to stressed farms, many of my clients raised sugar beets. Controlling weeds was a major problem. Around 2008, the sugar beet industry – nationwide – converted to GMO sugar beets. The sugar beet seeds were reconfigured to be tolerant to the herbicide that kills living vegetation – weeds. Farmers could now liberally spray herbicides (toxins that kill weeds) and not kill the reconfigured sugar beet plant. GMO sugar beets allowed for an escalation in the use of toxins in food production – which cannot be separated out before it gets to the dinner table.

However, the story is not over until it’s over – and it’s far from being over. Polls indicate that 93 percent of Americans want labeling that tells them if a food contains GMO crops. A consortium of organic farms and organic brands – under the mantra of “Only Organic” – has joined forces to promote a migration to organic farming. To get the message out, children from a local drama troupe were asked to help tell and act out the story.

The result is a 2.5 minute video that is going viral. It embodies the protests of consumers, farmers and food-products companies – through the eyes of children. These protests have evolved into an international drama for change. In addition, there is a short (1.5 minutes) behind-the-scenes video of the children starring in the presentation. Both video clips are uploaded here.

Why is this video going viral?

Behind the Scenes:

What “NATURAL” really means on a label

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