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Touch the Soil News #271


Are You A Climatarian Eater?

New terms are emerging that identify what kind of eater you are. A climatarian is one who eats with climate change in mind. This generally includes eating locally, choosing pork and poultry over beef and lamb to limit gas emission and using every part of ingredients (apple cores, cheese rinds) to limit food waste.


The Expansion of Food Banking

We recently reported on the trend to locate food pantries on college campuses as polls reveal over 35 percent of freshman are food-insecure. On a new front, the Iowa Food Bank has started a new program to quash hunger – setting up food pantries at elementary, middle and high schools. The food pantry is like any other pantry only it is located on the ground of a school and open to students and their families. The U.S. food banking network has over 50,000 outlets across the nation where folks can access food. Wal-Mart, for comparison has less than 5,000 outlets in the U.S. (See recent video on Food Banking in America below).


GMOs (Genetically modified foods) Under Global Attack

Venezuela’s new seed law prevents the research, production, importation and distribution of GMO seeds. The Yurok Indian Tribe in California (the state’s largest tribe) has announced that they are putting a full ban on the cultivation of GM crops and release of GM animals in the Tribe’s territory. The European Parliament recently rejected the allowance of Monsanto’s GM Liberty Linke Maize into the European Union. The Taiwanese government just approved a ban on all genetically modified food ingredients in school meals.


Monsanto to Face Global “People’s” trial on World Food Day 10/16/16

An alliance of dozens of food, farming and environmental justice groups announced that they will take Monsanto to a “people’s” trail for crimes against nature, humanity and ecocide. The trial will be held in The Hague, Netherlands on World Food Day 10/16/16. The Hague is home to many foreign embassies and over 150 international organizations. The Hague is also the location of the International Court of Justice. It is one of the most important cities in the modern world.


Food Safety Rocks the Nation in 2015.

1) The criminal sentencing of executives of Peanut Corporation of America discovered conscious knowledge by the executives of selling contaminated peanut butter that killed 9 people and sickened thousands. 2) The meltdown of Chipotle Mexican Grill which experienced six outbreaks in the last half of 2015 of food borne illnesses. 3) The recall of the iconic Blue Bell ice cream due to listeria contamination resulted in 3 deaths and 10 illnesses. Company executives are being investigated for criminal actions. 4) Illnesses due to the importation of contaminated cucumbers resulted in 838 illnesses in 38 states. Under tremendous controversy, the FDA ruled that genetically engineered salmon – called the AquAdvantage Salmon – are safe to eat.


Controversy over Antibiotics in Meat to Take More of the Center Stage in 2016

Animals in the USA consume more than twice as many medically important antibiotics as humans. While the USA is one of the top users of antibiotics in meat animals, the U.S. is not alone. Other nations that are high users of antibiotics in meat include Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary and Italy. The small nation of Cyprus uses almost twice the level of antibiotics as does the U.S. Nations with the lowest antibiotic use in meat animals include Norway, Iceland, New Zealand, Sweden and Austria.

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