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One of the Better Things Humanity Has Discovered

Touch the Soil News #990 (Feature photo –Soldier Fly Larvae – public domain)

We’ve covered the emerging arena of insect farming from the perspective of humans eating them. There is a certain “icky” factor that one must psychologically overcome. If the population has grown so much that we need to resort to eating insects, then what is next?

However, when it comes to insects there is another kind of farming that seems to make more sense. Using fly larvae to eat spoiled food wastes and then using the larvae for animal feed or plant food. Nature hates to waste anything and unless we can till the waste back into the soil (impractical) the fly larvae farming is an exciting innovation.

One of the larger and more successful fly larvae faming enterprises is Enterra Feed located near Vancouver, Canada. You can learn more about them at the following link:

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