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Organic Hydroponic Lettuce

Organic Hydroponic Lettuce

This project started mainly because “everyone” said it couldn’t be done. Starting out with conventional/synthetic fertilizer, our customer see’s a niche market in organic lettuce production. He contacted many companies to assist and almost giving up when all returned back to simply say “it can’t be done”. Not sure what to do or how to do it he reached out to


After understanding what his goals are, along with many conversations to discuss the specific’s of his grow operation, the “Organic Mechanic”  got to work! Setting up a completely organic fertilizer system to fulfill the niche market, our initial trial runs have come back a complete success. With results that are better than he was expecting and better than what he was already growing, he see’s no other way to grow lettuce.


It all starts here


On the outside, this green house looks small. It’s hard to understand all the work and time that is needed to make a greenhouse area function properly. With “everyone” saying it can’t be done, there is not a book to turn too, there is no website to browse to gather all the information you need to help you gain experience. All experience must be personally gained by “trial and error”. Making mistakes and learning from them while adjusting on the fly to maintain the crop and produce the best product you can.


The Table Top

table top

This table top holds all of the lettuce in it’s designated area. While floating directly on top of the water and the root mass completely submerged in water you can see the lush, green leaves which are clearly loving the fertilizer program.


The Root Mass

root mass

The biggest surprise in this growers situation is the clean root system. Looking directly at the roots you see no sludge build up. No gunk, no junk, just a nice solid root mass that is capable of producing the of the best lettuce you can get your hands on. Did we mention this is all organic?

We’ve seen up close, we’ve seen the outside. Time to see the operation as a whole.


Welcome to My Lair

Remember on the outside this operation looked small? Well, now you can see the building size in relationship to the plants and hopefully this gives you a good understanding of the high yield possibilities in such a small footprint.


Congratulations Tony Heil, in Kansas City, Missouri on your successful attempt and delivery of the USA’s 1st and only Organic Hydroponic Lettuce Operation. We will continue to support you!

The Team


Updated Photo Jan 22, 2013

They all said it couldn’t be done!!!

Organic Hydroponic Lettuce

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  1. I’d love some more info on the nutrient solution that was developed, please feel free to contact me via my email.

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