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Organic Mechanic answers your questions!

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That’s right folks! Our very own Organic Mechanic is going to answer YOUR questions!!! All you need to do is . . . ask them!!! We have so many videos on our YouTube channel . . . did you know we have a YouTube channel!? Well we sure do!!!


Check out our YouTube channel here. You can view some of the questions we’ve already answered:

 How do I strengthen the roots of my plants?

How to create a strong root system in your plants with Mycorrhizae and Inoculants.

How do I mix the Kelp to make fertilizer?

How to make Kelp fertilizer with

 So what questions do you folks want to see answered in a video? Let us know!!!

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2 thoughts on “Organic Mechanic answers your questions!

  1. maybe you can help me,i recently purchase a bag of pro mix hd,not impressed by it at all.can you help me figure out a recipe to help my indoor plants .im using blue planet nutrients and think they are ok but i need better soil mix, problem is that pro mix isn’t cheap so i have no choice but to use it.any additives u can suggest-i’m ordering cal-mag and silica soon so can you holler back and let me room is 5x5x7,400 watt hd,6 in exhaust and carbon filter. ph of water is 6.5 with molases, plants are pale green in solo cups right now ,transplanting in about a week in to 3 gal pots.would appreciate your help and thanks

    1. Thanks for contacting us. We will be in touch with you directly to assist and help.

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