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Political Freedom – Versus Food

Touch the Soil News #930 (Feature photo – British Coat of Arms – CC SA 3.0 Unported)

Great Britain is a nation of some 66 million people. The nation became part of the European Union in 1973 – 45 years ago. Since that time the politics, economics, finance and trade of Great Britain has become inextricably tied to the European Union.

Last year, Great Britain passed a majority referendum to exit the European Union. That effort is popularly called “Brexit”. Now, some British food experts are getting cold feet. Seems that Great Britain now gets one third of its food from the European Union under favorable trade terms. Concern is that when Great Britain formally leaves the European Union – they are on their own as relates to food. Some experts say that the nation could realistically face serious food inflation and food shortages. In addition, Great Britain has relied heavily on access to low wage-workers from the European Union, to harvest British crops – a scenario that will end.

With a rising cost of importing food and a shortage of labor to keep British farms viable, the British are facing serious uncertainty.

Recently the British newspaper “Independent” published a disturbing story about the future of food for Great Britain. You can read the full report here:

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