Politics & Trade – a Precursor to Hunger?

Touch the Soil News #1101 (Feature photo – BREXIT – CCA 2.0 Generic)

The United Kingdom (UK) voted 18 months ago to leave the European Union (EU) amidst feelings of nationalism and desires for greater control over their destiny. The problem is the UK hasn’t been its own animal since 1973, when it joined the EU. For the UK, supplies of food, foreign labor and a myriad of other important considerations are intricately tethered to the EU.

The date for which the United Kingdom is slated to leave the European Union is March 29, 2019 – only 7 months away. Efforts to establish trade deals with the European Union have failed and several top negotiating ministers from the UK have recently resigned. Without any trade deals, an exit from the European Union could have scary consequences.

In a press release from the British Meat Processors Association said that a no-trade agreement with the European Union – come March 29, 2019 – could send food costs in the UK up by as much as 12 percent. This is a frightening possibility for a nation that has seen hunger and food insecurity rise over the past decade. Price increases will hurt the food-insecure first. Estimates are that over four (4) million people in the UK do not ear regularly and struggle to put food on the table.

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