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Power to the Neighborhood – Literally

Positive Future #134 (Feature photo – Back-up Batteries – CCA SA 3.0 Unported)

Some citizens of Puerto Rico are just now getting their power on after the 2017 hurricane season of last year. The year 2017 and others have not been forgotten and are driving greater consciousness for the establishment of micro-grids. A micro grid is a neighborhood, city, apartment complex or other smaller power community that establishes its own power or back-up power plan. It is no secret that large providers of grid energy are the first to fail in any type of unusual event.

It is neighborhood resources that count in times of emergency. The City of San Francisco is in the midst of a project called Solar + Storage for Resiliency. They intend for it to serve as a national model. The City of New York is also studying ways to implement resiliency with solar plus storage.

The continued development and rapidly declining costs of battery power storage may help decentralize power grids and literally get power back to the neighborhood.

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