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Processed Meat – Think About This One

Touch the Soil News #628

When it comes to meat, the word processed says a lot of things – nitrates, artificial colors, artificial flavors and preservatives. Following is a statement from a news piece (anonymous) that talks about processed meat:

“Processed meat is derived from the processing and treatment of meat to prolong its shelf life and to enhance its taste. Meat is mainly processed to improve its shelf life, quality and preserve it from decay and to add flavors to its original composition.”


One of the things that is missed here is that by processing meat, it makes it easier to ship it around the globe. Without universal “country of origin labeling” laws your guess is as good as mine as to where it can come from. Combine this with the escalating risks of “food fraud” which includes mis-labeling (on purpose) what is in the package

So here is the kicker, in 2016, global trade in processed meat was around $714 billion in 2016. Zions Market Research projects that in 6 years this volume will increase to $1.6 trillion – a 220 percent increase. North America accounts for 30 percent of the global processed meat market.

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