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Public Food Forest Concept

Touch the Soil News #976 (Feature photo – Volunteers at the Beacon Hill Food Forest – courtesy of the Beacon Hill Food Forest)

A food forest is a place where people make things grow and into which are cultivated vegetable plants, fruit trees and nut trees. Since it is a public enterprise, the food is free to harvest and eat for anyone that wishes to visit this unusual form of community garden.

Public food forests are not a major trend, but they are trending. Food forests are entirely run by volunteers contributing whatever they can. This type of public co-operation can lead to land being made available by city municipalities.

The concept of working together for food stands in stark contrast to the concept of competition, which can contribute to large sectors of the public externalized from adequate access to food.

Recently, City Farmer News published a story about a new food forest being organized in Philadelphia. You can read the full story here:

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