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Public and Private Partnership for Food – An Emerging New Business Model

Touch the Soil News #1908 (Feature Photo – Cabbage – Public Domain, USDA)

Urban Farmers and Conventional Growers are all trying – within the framework of our financial economy – to produce food in a way that feeds everyone. Then there are foodbanks that are also helping to bridge the gap.  One Foodbank – Second Harvest of Orange County – has taken a deeper step into food security and launched a 45-acre farm.  Long Time California grower A.G. Kawamura brings the expertise to farm the ground, while foodbank volunteers step in to help with labor.  It’s an interesting story.  You can go to the links below and also watch the two videos below to get the bigger picture.

Link to Volunteer:

Link to Solutions for Urban Ag:

Link to Harvest Solutions Farm:

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