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Recognition of a New Economic Paradigm

Touch the Soil News #611

(Feature photo – children of Western Cape are at the heart of the local resolve to end hunger)

Western Cape, a Province of South Africa is trying to rethink food and access to food. Officials of the Province are collaborating to bring life to a new food system called Nourish to Flourish. Western Cape has thousands of children that are food insecure whose needs are not totally met by school feeding programs. Details of the plan stem from a resolve that no person or family should ever go hungry.

Odd that America, the world’s richest nation, is struggling with the same problem – a 50-million person problem. Western Cape has a population of 6 million people – so it is easier to reach a consensus.

Part of the plan is to develop and grow its already 103 community gardens, 33 school food gardens and 1,356 household food gardens. Western Cape has invented a new concept – the Informal Food Economy. Different from the formal food economy that is organized around the financial system, the informal food economy is organized around local effort, local resources and local cooperation.

Perhaps the most interesting concept coming out of Western Cape is that if you starve trying to wait for the money, you should just organize yourself around the resources available – the informal food economy.

Following is a short video on how Western Cape is reinventing itself:

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