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Rio de Janeiro – World’s Largest Urban Garden

Touch the Soil News #1874 (Feature Photo – Rio de Janeiro – CCA SA 3.0 Unported)

The City of Rio de Janeiro, the center of a metro area of 12.5 million people is establishing the world’s largest Urban Garden. Interesting it is not a community garden. It is a city managed project of 27 acres that will employ 90 workers – roughly 3 farmers per acre. Half the production will be donated to people in need, and half will be sold at a discount to be affordable for most people. The cost to the City will be $27,000 per month. This project is a more direct approach as opposed to food banking.

Brazil has 33 million hungry people as opposed to the 34 million hungry people in the U.S. Will this direct entrance into food production by a municipality come to America? Courtesy of the World Economic Forum, you can read the story here, and scroll down to see the video.

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