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RIPE BLEND – The Big Boost before Harvest

Touch the Soil News / Product Review #104 (Feature Photo  – Ripe Blend  – (Courtesy of Kelp4Less)

Ripe Blend is a finishing product designed to ripen the fruits and flowers of any plant.  This product is for use in the late bloom time frame, the last six weeks before harvest.  Ripe Blend creates overall bulk to the crop you are growing.

Rich in phosphorus and potassium, Ripe Blend incudes 1 percent of Kelp, Humic, Amino and Fulvic acids. This product has an NPK analysis of 4-14-36.

Ripe Blend comes as dry granules and powder, is water soluble, and well suited for hydroponics, soil and soil-less mediums.

A few years ago, Kelp4Less was approached by a regular customer to collaborate on creating a special blend for the last weeks before harvest. After much discussion, Ripe Blend came to be.  The product includes a small amount of nitrogen, a medium amount of phosphate and a high level of potash (potassium) all in a form readily available to the plant.  To this this, the organic acids and kelp were added.

Following are reviews Kelp4Less has received for Ripe Blend.

“I’ve grown in both rockwool and coco and have used Ripe Blend to mature some of the most fragrant and hefty flowers I’ve ever seen.”

“Ripe Blend not only provides my base, but enhances my yield at less than half the cost.”

“I was previously buying liquid fertilizers and supplements. This blend replaces quite a few of those bottles, and I’ve been able to cut my fertilizer budget by more than half.”

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Ripe Blend product reviews:

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