Root Enhancers

What is Mycorrhizae?

Roots are a main source for providing food to any plant. Your plants roots absorb all the necessary elements to sustain all other plant development, such as stem, leaf, flower, and/or fruit. Mycorrhizae will help break down these elements into a form your plant to utilize. Micro-biology eating, digesting and breaking down everything so the plant can use it.

When to use it?

There is never a wrong time to add or supplement with Mycorrhizae. Your plants roots will always respond positively to mycorrhizae. Think of the root structure as road construction. Mycorrhizae will only add workers to help get the work done so everything works correctly. When more workers are involved, not only does the work get done faster, but it is also easier on each individual worker to do it’s job.

What will Mycorrhizae do for my garden?

Mycorrhizae will also enhance the rooting of your cuttings, help increase root generation, increase salt tolerance, and even reduce transplant shock. These are hugely beneficial fungi. They have been found in the roots of plants up to 400 million years old – that’s crazy!

This addition of Mycorrhizae actually improves your soil year after year, instead of depleting it like so many commercial fertilizers do. Indeed, Mycorrhizae are not a fertilizer – they are an addition of a symbiotic fungi to help your plant be more self-sufficient.


How to use Mycorrhizae

There are many different ways to use this product. A lot of experienced gardeners use this in brewing biologically active teas. When feeding these types of teas, it increases the biological activity in your soil. It also feeds the Mycorrhizae and allows the existing bacteria to reproduce at a faster rate.All this leads to more fruit and flower production from your plant.

Another way gardeners use Mycorrhizae is to sprinkle it into the hole you will use for your transplant (like salt and pepper). The elements found in water (hydrogen and oxygen) activate the Mycorrhizae to enhance plant growth and assist in reducing stress during any transplant.

Cloning Powder 3

Cloning Powder:

Stimulates aggressive root branching, development of fine root hairs that increase nutrient uptake and grow healthier, whiter roots.

Primary ingredient, Mycorrhizae that contains a wide variety of endo and ecto mycorrhizae fungi that ensures explosive root growth.

“Roots in 4 days!! Why use anything else??”

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Root Enhancers

– Need a root boost for your seeds or clones? Want to reduce stress during any transplant? Increase all aspects of your plants health by directly effecting the roots with Mycorrhizae, Beneficial Bacteria, Beneficial Enzymes and Trichoderma.

Many customers ask when and how much of this to use. Never stop applying, whether you are in Grow or Bloom.

It is a very potent product and although it WILL NOT damage, hurt or burn your plants, it can damage your wallet to over use and over apply this product.

You can expect a 100%+ increase in yields when using Mycorrhizae.

Classifications of Mycorrhizae

Ecto and Endo being the most popular. Basically, the Ectomycorrhizae variety forms a sheath around your plant roots. Endomycorrhizae actually penetrate the roots of your plants. But what do they really do? And isn’t it bad to have fungus in your soil?

Benefits of Mycorrhizae

It’s not at all bad to have certain fungi in your soil. There is a very healthy, symbiotic relationship that occurs between your plants and Mycorrhizae. One huge benefit of Mycorrhizae is they increase your plants ability to uptake what water and nutrients.

So if you don’t have the greatest soil, Mycorrhizae will help your plants get as much as possible from it. Also, because of the ability to make the most of the water in the soil, this will help your plants be more drought resistant.


Enzyme Powder

Enzyme Powder 3

Molasses Powder

Molasses Powder 3

Extreme Blend

Extreme Blend 3

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